AvP Developer Rebellion Undergoes Restructuring

Claiming that it is positioning itself for growth, independent developer Rebellion (Aliens vs. Predator, Rogue Warrior) today revealed that it is in the process of "corporate restructuring" and may close one of its three existing offices.

The UK company will "review the need" for its office in Derby as the lease on that particular location is expiring soon. Meanwhile, Rebellion is recruiting for its main office in Oxford (described as "the home of Aliens vs. Predator") and other studio in Runcorn.

Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator (2010) and Rogue Warrior (2009)

"Growth is sometimes painful, never more so than in the current climate and we have had to take a long hard look at how we operate our studio network," Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley explained today in a statement. "Strategically we have decided to review the need for the Derby facilities, and consultation with staff at Derby is ongoing."

Rumors of the Derby studio's closure emerged this morning via VG247, with GamesIndustry.biz writing it "understands that a number of staff have already been made redundant," though Kingsley affirms that "No-one has been made redundant by Rebellion in more than a decade, and the Derby studio is very much still open while we conduct the review. We are currently undergoing a process of consultancy with our staff to get their ideas, and establish the best possible future for the Derby studio."