Puzzle Quest Developer Teams Up With Konami for Puzzle Chronicles

Puzzle Quest developers Infinite Interactive continue to come out with new twists on their signature combination of color-matching gem mechanics with role playing-like stories and character development. Up next is Puzzle Chronicles, arriving February 18 on PSP and Nintendo DS in Europe and around then in North America, followed shortly thereafter by downloadable version on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.


To progress through the game, the core action in Puzzle Chronicles takes the form of duels with a variety of challengers. These face-offs represent the steps in your journey to become a warrior powerful enough to overthrow an evil king who seized the throne. Infinite Interactive says the new puzzle combat system "is based on real time action so players will have to think fast and posses sound strategies to best their opponents." The role playing elements come in along the way as you both improve your hero's gear by exploring dungeons for loot and their abilities with new skills and spells.

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In addition to Puzzle Chronicles which is being made in cooperation with Konami, Infinite Interactive also has Puzzle Quest 2 in the works for D3 Publisher. That game, announced this past November, is loosely scheduled for a Spring 2010 release on Nintendo DS and Xbox 360. Though only those two platforms are confirmed at this point, given that the original wound up on just about everything imaginable there's no reason to expect Puzzle Quest 2 won't as well.