Dead Space 2, New Crysis, Sims on Console and 'Innovative' Madden Coming Across Next Year

Laying out the company's next fiscal year, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello today revealed release timeframes for several previously undated games.

In his words, we can expect the following titles between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011: "a great new version of Medal of Honor, a revitalized Need for Speed, Sims on console, FIFA in a World Cup year, an innovative and new take on Madden, Dead Space 2, Crysis...an MMA game, and many others."

Medal of Honor artwork and a screenshot of EA Sports MMA

While some of those (Medal of Honor, EA Sports MMA) were already expected this year, Dead Space 2, Criterion's Need for Speed, and Crysis 2 (presumably) had yet to receive any sort of release estimate, with word of an "innovative and new take on Madden" plus more "Sims on consoles" marking new revelations.

In addition, Ricciteillo noted that the company currently expects to launch a "major MMO" in spring 2011, suggesting a likely timeframe for Star Wars: The Old Republic.