Evening Reading: 3D 3D

by Greg Mueller, Jan 08, 2010 5:00pm PST

Here's a fresh chatty for you all to enjoy on this Friday night. We've had our ups and we've had our downs, but it's been a pretty good first week to start off the new year. It will no doubt be remembered as vividly and with the same fondness as all the other first-weeks-of-the-year past. That is, not much at all.

The weekend is almost upon us. May yours be as fun and exciting as an endless stream of sharp news, snappy headlines, and witty comments from Faylor, Alice, Garnett, Jeff, and the rest of the Shack.

In case you missed it, here's a taste of all the fun and excitement we had today:

  • Probably the wrong time of day to post this, but I am up and bored shitless while at work.

    AT&T customers who travel to and from Cananda. What is my cheapest option for voice, data and voice and data.

    I am stationed on a cutter in the Great Lakes and will be seeing a lot of Cananda in the coming months (In Midland, Ontario now) and would like to be able to make phone calls home to the wife and kids. While the boat does have a phone system, it is supposed to be used for offical business or emergencies.

    Looking at AT&T they have a Canada Roaming plan for voice that is 5 dollars a month but it also list price per minute with it. Does this mean I have to pay the 5 bucks to get the disconted price per minute or am what? Any help here is appreciated.