N+ Dev's Racer 'Scrap Metal' Media Mayhem

BOOM widget 90739N+ co-developer Slick Entertainment has got into the CES spirit with screenshots and a trailer for Scrap Metal, its Xbox Live Arcade combat racer.

As well as deadly Death Rally-style racing, the top-down title packs modes including demolition derby, king of the hill, 'gasoline' and 'tank war.' Sixty singleplayer missions are on offer alongside split-screen multiplayer with up to four players, and online play.

Twenty vehicles from muscle cars to bulldozers can be collected by bashing bosses and customised, then armed with weapons including flamethrowers, dual chainsaws and something Slick calls "'The Pulverizer' grinding food processor," which sounds splendid.

Scrap Metal is slated to hit XBLA some time in the spring, with pricing not yet announced.

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