Fix It: The Home Improvement Challenge Trailer

If you consider nailing, screwing, drilling, sawing, stapling, wiring, leveling, scrubbing mirrors and the like among the more "hilarious activities" in life, then boy, do French publisher Nobilis and Spanish developer Freedom Factory have a game for you.

Introducing Fix It, a mini-game compilation of "over 30 hilarious activities to complete" coming to PC, Wii and Nintendo DS. "Mime the gestures with your Wii Remote," Nobilis boasts. "It's loads of fun!" You'll even be able to compare BEFORE and AFTER.

The only problem is that Fix It isn't yet guaranteed a North American release yet--it hits France as "Brico Party" on January 29 and the rest of Europe later in the year--so us Yanks and Canucks will just have to make do with this trailer for the time being: BOOM video 3451