First Fallout: New Vegas Details in Next OXM UK

BOOM widget 363061 With Bethesda producer Jason Bergman teasing that details on Fallout: New Vegas are due "in the not-too-distant-future," OXM UK "should have the world exclusive details" in its next issue, due in shops February 11.

"We don't normally plug this sort of thing, because we're still working on the issue and the content is subject to change," wrote OXM UK. "But as some other sites have noticed we thought we'd put a proper image up and save them the trouble of scanning it."

Due out sometime this year, Fallout: New Vegas is being crafted not by Fallout 3 maker Bethesda, but by the team at Obsidian Entertainment (Alpha Protocol, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II), which was founded by veterans of Fallout series creator Black Isle. The RPG is planned to launch simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A number of rumored details recently emerged, citing an upcoming issue of Game Informer, though Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner cast doubt on their validity upon revealing "We don't have a Fallout: New Vegas feature in an upcoming issue."

Bethesda refused to formally address the rumors, issuing a "no comment" response to CVG, with marketing VP Pete Hines the same day tweeting "it didn't take very long before wild guesses in forum posts suddenly became the basis for a 'news story'."