Two Worlds II 'MoveShots' Are Moving Pictures

Not content with mere screenshots and trailers, publisher TopWare Interactive has unleashed a trio of "MoveShots" (defined as "3 second videos revealing gameplay shorts") from Reality Pump's upcoming action-RPG Two World II.

Explained TopWare in today's mailing: "These, so-called, MoveShots serve as a very vivid forecast into the Antaloor universe featured in 'Two Worlds II' as well as dispelling any rumors about the possibility of doctored screen shots, which, unfortunately, are all too common throughout the modern day videogame industry."

Once due this winter, Two Worlds II is slated to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in spring. BOOM video 3367

As for those other two "MoveShots," they can be found just below: BOOM video 3366 BOOM video 3368