Madden Maker EA Readying Wii Football Trainer?

Nintendo's Wii Football Patent
With EA Sports (Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA Live, NHL) teasing that it will "announce a new game sometime in January," Destructoid has heard (via "sources close to the project") that this new effort is a Wii game dubbed "NFL Trainer."

Similar to the actual sporting good products EA released earlier this year, the game is said to coach players on how to properly hold and throw a football alongside a variety of other "football-based exercises and workouts."

Obviously, such a title would likely include some sort of football-shaped Wii peripheral, with Nintendo having recently patented one such device and EA Sports having previously said it was looking to bundle peripherals with sports games.

Of course, as with EA's rumored "Jack the Ripper" video game, which Destructoid also has sources close to, nothing is confirmed yet. That said, we'll keep you updated.