Quake Live Gets Festive Holiday Update

Chiming in with its take on the season, id has updated its free-to-play multiplayer shooter Quake Live with an appropriately decorated map and two festive characters. nope Described as "a slightly re-worked version" of Distant Screams, "Silent Night" is a 32-player Capture the Flag arena. However, the holiday cheer isn't limited to just Capture the Flag, as Santa and "festive helper Vixen" are now playable in all game types.

The celebration runs until January 5, 2010, with the update changelist below:

Game Changes
  • Removed support for legacy network protocols. This should resolve issues some players were having when IPX was installed,
New Map!
  • "Slient Night" was originally "Distant Screams" from the Team Arena missionpack. It has been updated and decorated for the season. The servers running the new map are set for up to 32 players.
New Skins!
  • Added Santa and Vixen skins. You can select them from the in-game menu, the web game configuration menu, or by typing "model santa" and "model vixen" in the console.
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