Mass Effect 2 Video Extravaganza Brings CG Cinematic, Infiltrator and PC Footage (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, Dec 22, 2009 11:36am PST It's a two-for Tuesday here at Shacknews, as we've got two new Mass Effect 2 clips.
Update: We now have three videos, the newest detailing the Infiltrator class.

First up, the full-length three-minute CG short that was teased last week:

Next, a detailed look at the shooter-RPG's "Infiltrator" class:

Finally, a bit of in-game PC footage that's been making the rounds. It's not an official trailer, the editing makes that clear, but you still get a feel for combat and conversations.

Developed by BioWare, the sci-fi shooter-RPG hits PC and Xbox 360 on January 26.

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