Team Fortress 2 'War' Update, Free Weekend and 50% Discount Now Live, Justice Declared Dead

Team Fortress 2's War' update is now live, bringing new soldier and demoman weapons and achievements, two new maps, and a free weekend as well as a 50% discount.

The alpine CP_Gorge is "designed for quick rounds and fast, frantic play" with only two control points, while CTF_Doublecross brings the joy of bridges to capture the flag.


In sad news, the foolish soldier has been declared winner of the update's titular war, winning with 6,406,065 points to the demoman's 6,372,979. As such, the churlish class has been awarded The Gunboats, secondary slot boots which reduce the damage caused by rocket jumping. May they weigh heavy on his feet and upon his soul.

Both classes also receive three new weapons in the update, while a crafting system lets players turn spare items into useful stuff.

In celebration, Valve has is running a Team Fortress 2 free weekend until 1pm PST on Sunday while a 50% discount brings the shooter down to $9.99 for the weekend.