Morning Discussion: The Launch of CH@i

Welcome to what we here are Shacknews are calling Rising ChatFast Wake 'n' Bake ComBlast Breakfast Hullabaloo. The official name is of course CH@i--note the styling--but either is acceptable.

"What," I imagine you asking so as to make you feel involved and as a literary device to make me feel right clever, "is the difference between Morning Discussion and CH@i? It seems that Rising ChatFast Wake 'n' Bake ComBlast Breakfast Hullabaloo is simply posted at 8am EST and has an even more pointless and irritating message."

Well, you would think that, wouldn't you? This is CH@i. Welcome to CH@i. You can do anything you want at CH@i. Yes, this is CH@i. Welcome to you who have come to CH@i. The only limit is yourself at CH@i. The unattainable is unknown at CH@i.

Yes, Morning Discussion will now be up an hour earlier and we'll be posting more in the morning. 's alright, right? Though maybe not today, because Chris is flying back from Mothership GameFly, Garnett and Jeff are still fast asleep, and for once I'm finishing work on a Friday before nightfall. We'll see you bright and early on Monday.

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