Star Trek Online Klingons PvP-Only at Launch, 'Spock'

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 17, 2009 2:40pm PST Star Trek Online's Klingon faction content will be almost exclusively PvP-based when the PC MMORPG launches on February 2, Cryptic has revealed--unlike their Federation foes.

Klingons "must advance through PvP, as they will not have access to robust player-vs.-environment content at launch," a press release states while reassuring that "PvP... is something we designed from the ground up to be a viable advancement path."

"We are trying to get some PvE in (there's already a tad bit). And, if the players demand it, we'll add more content (like episodes)," said chief creative officer Jack Emmert in a forum post. "I want us to be agile as a company and respond to what the customers want."

Players are unable to create Klingon characters off the bat, instead they must first "unlock the first sector block of Federation content, about five hours into the game" to receive a Klingon of rank roughly equivalent to the Federation character who unlocked the option.

Star Trek Online boasts a variety of PvP modes, with duel 'Challenges,' team vs. team 'Arenas,' objective-based 'Scenarios' and open PvP 'War Zones.' New and more advanced ships will become available to Klingons as they rank up.

In unrelated recent news, Cryptic Studios also announced that Zachary Quinto--Spock in the latest Star Trek movie--will voice an Emergency Medical Hologram serving as the MMO's tutorial. Have a gander at the EMH and Quinto in action in this new trailer.

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  • This game is an ABOMINATION
    For those that followed through the years its history what cryptic has done is a travesty and insult on every star trek fan and gamer there is.
    You see initially the game was going to be made by a company called Perpetual.The game was going to be a first person shooter/adventure/mmorpg with first person combat through the bridge like bridge commander....They released some early engine renders and the game looked AMAZING.Sadly they went over their heads and they couldn't continue the game because of financial problems...
    So then Cryptic took the licence,and throwed all the work Perpetual had done on the toilet and used their existing City of Heroes engine(A engine that was made back in 2003) for the game but with new models and textures.
    Initially they lied to the funs saying that there is no reason for them to be worried and the game will be as deep as Perpetual was going to make it....
    But sadly when the first video was released the game looked like shit.A lot of people complained and many people said they were crazy and cryptic was banning anyone that said the game looks bad.
    But that was only the begining...Then they dropped the player crews so the made the space part a single player afair with space ships viewed like characters...
    Then they dropped the played ship interiors altogether............
    Then they announced that the space part is going to be 2d.........but look like 3d............

    The GAME IS A PILE OF SHIT...........And anybody that dared to make questions and honest pleas to improve the game and don't remove all those features got banned and threatened,,,,,,,,,,