Resident Evil 5 Second DLC Episode Revealed, Trailers Show More Wacky Costumes

Capcom continues to drip-feed details on the upcoming Resident Evil 5 downloadable content, unveiling the new campaign 'Desperate Escape' and yet more crazy costumes.

Desperate Escape stars Jill Valentine "recently freed of a mind control device" in an episode set during the main Resident Evil 5 campaign, aided by BSAA agent Josh Stone.


Desperate Escape will be released for Xbox 360 on March 3 then on March 4 for PlayStation 3, as detailed in the DLC timetable. A 'Gold Edition' of RE5 due on March 9 will pack the two new campaigns and pair of costume packs in with the original game for $50. Capcom has said it has "no plans for PC at this point."

Josh Stone will also feature in the revamped 'Mercenaries Reunion' mode include with any DLC, alongside the 'heavy metal' Chris and 'business' Sheva shown in these new trailers as well as the bizarre Mad Max and Red Riding Hood outfits revealed previously. Each crazy costume packs its own unique weapon loadout.

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