Mega Man 10 Media Is Totally Mega, All Platforms Dated

BOOM widget 90284Capcom has released the first screenshots and trailer for Mega Man 10, the latest downloadable entry in the classic action platformer series.

With a Roboenza pandemic apparently sweeping the globe and turning robots violent, it's up to Mega Man or Proto Man to save the world--and their housekeeping female counterpart Roll.

The trailer also reveals the 'Easy Mode,' which Capcom says "will allow more fans to indulge in the challenges that make the series great" and seemingly simplifies jumping puzzles. 'Mega Man Challenges' meanwhile will apparently "allow players to practice their skills and prepare for the hair-raising adventures ahead of them."

Mega Man 10 will hit Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March. There's no word on pricing yet, though the similar Mega Man 9 cost $10.

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