ModDB Announces PC Digital Distribution Service 'Desura' for Games and Mods

Mod and indie development hub site ModDB has revealed it is launching a community-oriented PC digital distribution service for mods as well as games, named 'Desura.'

"Unlike ["Steam, D2D, Impulse, GamersGate etc"] however which are just shops with little to no interaction between the community and the content available, we aim to bring the power and openess of ModDB to digital distribution," the announcement declares.


Desura users will be able to review games, post comments, upload screenshots, and keep user groups and blogs, while developers can "issue accolades" to players.

A Desura client will "provide all the functionality from downloading, installing, playing and patching" for mods and games, ModDB founder and managing director of parent company DesuraNET Scott Reismanis explained in the announcement's comments.

"We aim to make user made content as accessible as possible," the announcement explains, "from simple maps through to entire conversions and even whole new games."

While ModDB supports only free releases, Desura will also offer paid content.

It seems that for now Desura's development is focused on mods and indie developers, as Reismanis further reveals in the comments that "we haven't attempted any [deals with publishers] yet, we want to iron out the bugs and make it user friendly first."

"Note that the beta only supports a few mods and games as a demo," said Reismanis, "but we hope to expand our library significantly over the coming year. "

A closed beta is currently underway and "will go public once all major bugs are squashed (which might take weeks, might takes months)."

No launch date has yet been announced for Desura.