Battlefield Heroes Celebrates 3 Million Players with New Map as Community Protests Changes

By Chris Faylor, Dec 16, 2009 12:50pm PST To celebrate the "three million registered players" milestone for its free-to-play web-based multiplayer shooter Battlefield Heroes, developer DICE has released a new map (Sunset Showdown) for the ad and microtransaction-supported online game.

But while Battlefield Heroes general manager Ben Counsins boasts that there are "over 50,000 new players joining us every week" and "the vast majority of our players play for free," some are protesting a recent shift they claim goes against the game's initial promise of not favoring those who buy new items with cash and/or play all day.

That change brought about higher prices for items purchased with the Valor Point currency earned in-game and lower prices for items bought using real-world money

"No one but the most hardcore players will be able to use high-end weapons without paying for them," claims player Eburoon, as pointed out by Ars Technica. Going by Eburoo's calculations, roughly five hours of daily play is now needed to earn enough in-game funds to keep a "super" weapon without resorting to a real-world funds.

To many, that goes against the ideology promised when the game was first revealed. "We also sell microtransaction items to our players--items like new hats, mustaches, and weapon upgrades--which enhance the game and make your character look cool without completely breaking things by letting some rich kid kill you with a special nuclear missile he bought but you can't afford," DICE claimed in the game's initial trailer, adding that it "focuses on fun, accessibility and not getting shot in the face repeatedly by a swearing, ultra-skilled 15 year old boy who plays the game every day for 8 hours."

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  • Just when they hammered out most of the bugs, they went and ruined the game's economics and NERFED the hell out of the Commando class (the only class I played). The Commando is virtually unplayable without spending money on health badges and new weapons.

    I can understand the economic changes to a degree, but they should have assumed from the beginning that dress-up barbie sales (character clothes, hats, tattoos, etc) & banner ads were never going to cover expenses.

    But if they want to do anything to save this game, UN-NERF the Commando!

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    • Really man? Seriously? Do you realize that if they don't cover expenses they will just shut it down, then it won't matter?

      You say "I can understand the economic changes to a degree", but I don't think you do. If it only costs them money, then it's not really successful, in fact, that would be a failure, as in, "guys, we should stop doing this because it won't make money. So we should shut it down."

      Also, you are defeated by your own logic: "...but they should have assumed from the beginning that dress-up barbie sales (character clothes, hats, tattoos, etc) & banner ads were never going to cover expenses." So if you feel like THEY should have assumed it wouldn't work, shouldn't YOU have done so as well and seen this coming...? Seriously, you are sitting here complaining about something that you yourself said should have been obvious, so if it was obvious that the game couldn't support itself without change, shouldn't you have come to terms with this?

      I mean, if we were doing perfect world scenarios, I want every game to be free and to give me god mode in multiplayer. (not really, that would be boring, but for the sake of arguement) But thats unrealistic and doesn't make any sense on any kind of reality level of thought, much like your post.

      Oh, and it will save the game if they un-nerf the very thing YOU like? So, you, and no one else in the world, are the sole barometer by which we can tell if products will succeed or fail? Yeah, thats not delusional. I'm curious how we can solve world hunger by only making food YOU like.