PlayStation Store Update: PixelJunk Shooter, Wounded Dragons, Frogger's Return and Dante's Demo

BOOM widget 79395 The weekly PlayStation Store update is here, bringing with it new PS3 and PSP offerings.

The PlayStation 3 side of things includes Q's treasure-seeking, heat-sensitive PixelJunk Shooter ($9.99), Wanako's brawler Revenge of the Wounded Dragons ($9.99), and the resurrection of Konami's arcade staple Frogger in Frogger Returns ($4.99), along with downloadable demos for Dante's Inferno, Mushroom Wars, and topatoi plus add-ons for Guitar Hero 5, Rock Band, inFamous and more. BOOM video 3108

Meanwhile, the PSP received a number of retail games in downloadable form, including Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles ($14.99), Coded Arms ($9.99), Death Jr. ($9.99), Death Jr. 2 Root of Evil ($9.99), Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 ($14.99), Gradius Collection ($19.99) and Silent Hill: Origins ($14.99), along with download exclusives Kurulin Fusion ($4.99), Stand O'Food ($4.99) and Battle Poker ($2.99) and a re-release of the original PlayStation's Bomberman Party Edition ($5.99, playable on both PSP and PS3).