Modern Warfare 2 Patch Fixes Javelin Exploit

BOOM widget 85310Joining the PC and PlayStation 3 editions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Xbox 360 release of Infinity Ward's shooter has received an update meant to remove the infamous and exploitable Javelin glitch from multiplayer.

That particular glitch allowed players to essentially transform themselves into a suicide bomber, providing an easy way to rack up multiple kills given the right circumstances, with the patch also addressing unlimited care packages an exploit that allowed players to hide in some level geometry. The Xbox 360 was the last platform to receive the downloadable update due to system maker Microsoft's certification process.

Microsoft had warned that it would ban those caught using the exploit, with Xbox Live policy director Stephen Toulouse explaining "cheating suspensions are usually 24 hours for first offense...egregious cheating can be 2 weeks" and adding "it's not new that we issue suspensions for cheating/glitching, and we do it for more then just MW2."

Though some PlayStation 3 games, such as Resistance: Fall of Man, are known to ban players for cheating, Modern Warfare 2 wasn't one of them, with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling noting that "[PlayStation Network] chose to not take any action against glitchers," later adding that Infinity Ward tracks and bans "hacks / cheats" on PC.