Team Fortress 2 'War' Update: Soldier vs. Demoman

BOOM widget 363045The "meaningful" Team Fortress 2 update teased by Valve has been revealed as 'War,' a double-class update for the demoman and soldier which will pit the two against each other ahead of the patch's release on December 17.

As well as the usual new maps, achievements and three unlockable weapons for each class, the War update contains an extra exclusive weapon the classes must war over.

"Gentlemen, I have NO IDEA what this weapon is. I don't even know if I'll WANT it," said a foolish and ignorant buffoon of a soldier. "But BY GOD, I know what's IMPORTANT, and it's that WE get it and the DEMOMAN DOES NOT."

Soldier deaths at the hands of demomen and vice versa in will be tracked over the coming week--and displayed online--then whichever class racks up the most kills will be granted the "secret, exclusive seventh weapon" when the War update hits.

"To war, my loyal Demos!" urged one particularly charismatic and wonderful demoman. "To blood and scotch and bombs! To the death of our betrayers and the sobbin' sound of their dyin' regrets! TO WARRRRRRR!"