Official MAG Box Art and Beta Statistics Revealed

BOOM widget 125186 The final box art for MAG, Zipper Interactive's massively multiplayer war game, has finally been revealed, courtesy of the official PlayStation Blog. Those curious what cover art looks like for a 256-player shooter need wonder no longer.

The blog also opens the books on some of the data they collected from the more than 42,000 matches played over the course of the beta. Between November 9th and December 5th, more than 65,000 players logged on, with 206 obsessive players reaching the level 60 experience cap. During this period, more than 700 million shots were also fired, resulting in 18 million kills. The most popular game mode during this period was Sabotage, with maps Syr Darya Uplink, Darien Network, and Copper Hills Relay ranking as the most-played.

MAG is due on January 26, 2010, exclusively for the PS3.