Borderlands 'Underdome Riot' DLC Announced

By Chris Faylor, Dec 10, 2009 11:59am PST The second downloadable add-on for Borderlands was just officially announced by developer Gearbox and publisher 2K Games.

Dubbed "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot," the follow-up to "Zombie Island" brings three new "Riot Mode" areas to the shooter-RPG, where players can face off against an "onslaught of Pandora's baddest enemies," along with more storage capacity via a new "bank feature" and the ability to earn two more skill points through quest rewards.

Coming to all three versions, the 800 Microsoft Points / $10 download hits Xbox 360 on December 29, PlayStation 3 on January 7, then PC at some unknown point.

Update: Gearbox has clarified that the "Riot Mode" arenas "are not just new deathmatch areas," but "an entirely new game mode" in which players face off against waves of enemies a la Gears of War 2's Horde Mode or Halo 3: ODST's Firefight.

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  • Mad Moxxi - The Underdome DLC - I picked this up yesterday, take this as you see fit. It is very repetitive gameplay. Take the innovation of the weapons systems, it was great, made the game pretty awesome. Then throw in the Island of Dr. Ned, it was ok, not the greatest DLC ever, man was there ever a lot of walking.. No real fast travel to speak of, just keep on walking. (won't give spoilers, but you do walk everywhere). Then throw in Mad Moxxi, it has gotten worse. The arena concept is already in the game. You have 2 of them. Now, take the concept, add rounds (i.e. 5 waves per round, 5 rounds per arena, and 3 arena's, so basically 75 waves of new content, all very repetitive mind you) for 800 MS points. I just don't feel the love. Many articles have said that they were looking for gamer feedback, my question is how many people did they ask... 5, 6, 7? IMO this is a very difficult purchase. I felt buyers remose almost immediately. Oh by the way, you do not get experience or money, or loot from enemies you kill in the waves. So if you are looking to boost, this is not the place to do it. Progressively, the DLC has gone downhill. The graphics do keep pace with the overall game. Although, Mad Moxxi does get annoying with her lines. Graphics - 4 Sounds - 4 Gameplay - 2 Lather, Rinse & Repeat - 1 (if i equate this to washing your hair, you would be bald within the hour) I am not looking to stop people from buying, hopefully, i am providing another perspective. PS. I'm stil waiting to hear back from Gearbox on my request for a refund. You can find me playing in the Xbox 360 world of Pandora as ScottnAngie8