World of Warcraft Patch Gets Epic Trailer

By Chris Faylor, Dec 09, 2009 12:20pm PST Yesterday's epic World of Warcraft v3.3 patch "Fall of the Lich King" has now received a suitable epic trailer, setting up the titular fall with a promise that "the lights of justice have been awakened" and "the sins of the past have finally caught up with you."

Packing new dungeons, the cross-realm party finder and the usual assortment of tweaks and bug fixes, the latest update for Blizzard's five-year-old MMO is now available on FileShack in US/Aus, UK, French and German form.

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  • On a funny note, at the end there for a split second I thought it said "Fail" of the Lich King.

    On a more sobering nore quote Michael Corleone, "JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT! THEY PULL ME BACK IN!"

    Seriously though, I'm not getting back into until Cataclysm, then me and my buddy are gonna play through the ENTIRE epic story arc(s) of the game from scratch with 2 Worgen. No doubt that the backstory and storyline as the game progresses is just epic in nature. I'll just do the raids on my Epic-o-ton Healadin as I wanna experience the redefined Old World in all it's glory.

  • Pretty cool but the reality of me going back to experience this also slaps me on the head. I'd have to either find a guild and beg them to gear me for it, or try and convince a ton of retards to take me on pick ups even though I don't meet their gear score requirements. Mean while said Rogue in the group has no idea how to spec his class but has the gear score "so it's ok". Then once I get geared up for it, I'd have to do it all over again. I'll pass.

    I think once a really awesome video is done by a guild clearing the place it should be news worthy.