Borderlands 'Zombie Island' DLC Shuffles Onto PC

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2009 11:40am PST Borderlands' first downloadable content 'The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned' has landed on PC today, out now for $9.99 in the Gearbox Store and on Steam for Steam copies.

Released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 24, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned delivers new quests, locations and undead enemies, as our review covered.

Gearbox declared before Borderlands' release that at least two DLC packs would hit the shooter RPG, with creative director Mikey Neumann telling us "we are making DLC for all three platforms simultaneously." According to a trophy listing on PS3Trophies, the second batch of Borderlands DLC might well focus on gladiatorial combat.

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  • Tried yesterday, thanks to Steam who prevented me from playing online.

    Looks nice but rushed. It has some strange bugs that scream 'unpolished'. And like the main game, you get stuck on geometry all the dam time, being forced to jump just to detach from an invisible rock that caught your feet or something.

    Level seems to be fixed. :( I'm lvl 38, and as I enter the area, all zombies are level 42-43. Which is sort of fine, I like the challenge. But the next time I go there when I'm level 49 or something, I hope the enemies aren't still stuck to level 42-43.

  • I've completely soured on Borderlands. If this had come out when the 360/PS3 versions came out I would have bought it immediately, but at this point I'm just not interested. Not for $10, and especially since even the Steam version includes Securom. I don't even see the point anymore. There's no end-game unless you want to farm out all the best loot but why bother when the game is easy to begin with. Lots of unpatched bugs, online play is full of cheats, pc users having to sit at the back of the bus all the time... it all adds up to "meh".