Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2009 5:30am PST FCUK 63--that's me. For the next few years, my foremost expression of myself will be good old FCUK 63. Though I might only need you so I can see, by being slapped on my face you are essentially a constant fashion accessory so let's make the most of it.

Sipping tea at 5 o'clock on the dot with the Women's Institute, your sensible design will please elder conservatives while your flash of colour will thrill progressives. When you get lost during tomfoolery down the pub with the Long Island Iced Tea Ladies Society, even in that state I'll be able to spot you and remember we belong together. Stumbling to the front door in the middle of the night to find a police constable telling me they're very sorry but there's been an accident, there you'll be right there with me FCUK 63, hanging lop-sided across my face from one ear with a bright streak to lighten the mood.

You and me, FCUK 63. I think we're going to get on just fine.

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  • Dirt2 is close to being a great game, but the lack of focus in the career mode and the extremely minimal amount of rally events holds it back. Not that the other race events are bad, but they just aren't as fun and thrilling as going balls out on a point to point rally stage for the cleanest run and lowest time. So far the stages have been fairly short too, like 2-4 miles so only a few minutes long. Not very interesting or challenging like a normal WRC type event with many stages of various length. Does that change later in the game? If not, that's disappointing :(

    It could use some more variation in the terrain surface and weather too. You are strictly driving on dirt and asphalt, with some standing water thrown in. No ice or snow stages, no rain leading to mud or fog or reduced visibility where pace notes can really become important, stuff like that. The cockpit view is as well done as it is in GRID, and the flashback / rewind feature works just the same. I'll have to play more and see if the rest gets better, but right now it's hard because of all these other races I don't really want to do :( Plus the "EXTREME!!" presentation gets to me after a while. From the menus to the damn cinematic replays, no one can hold a camera steady, hello motion sickness :(