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By Alice O'Connor, Dec 09, 2009 5:30am PST FCUK 63--that's me. For the next few years, my foremost expression of myself will be good old FCUK 63. Though I might only need you so I can see, by being slapped on my face you are essentially a constant fashion accessory so let's make the most of it.

Sipping tea at 5 o'clock on the dot with the Women's Institute, your sensible design will please elder conservatives while your flash of colour will thrill progressives. When you get lost during tomfoolery down the pub with the Long Island Iced Tea Ladies Society, even in that state I'll be able to spot you and remember we belong together. Stumbling to the front door in the middle of the night to find a police constable telling me they're very sorry but there's been an accident, there you'll be right there with me FCUK 63, hanging lop-sided across my face from one ear with a bright streak to lighten the mood.

You and me, FCUK 63. I think we're going to get on just fine.

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  • So, after reading a few reviews, especially this one:

    I was starting to get a little worried about picking up the nook. Since shipments had been delayed, I didn't have mine yet and I was getting afraid that I was just going to turn around and return it since I already have a Kindle.

    However, we went into a B&N store that has a demo unit and I got to play with it for a little while, assuaging my fears and making me look even more forward to the device. The build quality seems to be quite a bit higher than the Kindle, with ridges along the back for gripping along with a rubberized back to help hold on to it. The device is a little thicker, too, making it feel just a little more like a book, but also a bit smaller than the Kindle without the ridiculous keyboard at the bottom. The page buttons are integrated into the frame, so the issue I currently have with the Kindle (the page buttons are a bit cheap and I've already started to wear mine out) don't seem like they'll be much of a problem.

    The big concern I had was with just how slow the nook appeared in the video and was talked about in the reviews. However, after using the one in the store, I have to wonder if the review models had a pre-1.0 firmware because the device was really no slower than my Kindle. Also, the fonts seemed much crisper and better suited to print, though that's probably my personal preferences.

    All in all, it comes across as a really slick eReader that in the next year or two should become something amazing. B&N has already started mentioning that due to the device being an Android machine, that people may be able to write small apps for it in the future.

    Now, to be fair, the touchscreen isn't the best (it's no iPhone, for sure), but since it's mostly a navigational tool without the need to be extremely responsive, I can give it slack. It does what it should, without any fuss, and removes what I considered the absolute worst feature of the Kindle.