'PSP minis' Playable on PlayStation 3 Soon

Sony Computer Entertainment has pulled back the curtain on the PlayStation 3's next firmware update, v3.15, revealing that the formerly PSP-only downloadable "minis" will soon be playable on whatever bigger screen a PlayStation 3 is connected to. nope The update itself is optional and is due "very soon" according to Europe's PlayStation.Blog, with "the majority of the current minis" slated to be updated and compatible with the PlayStation 3's mini emulator starting December 17.

In addition, the update will bring with it easier data transfer functionality, simplifying the process of upgrading or replacing an existing PlayStation 3 though the ability to send game and media files to another PlayStation 3 on the wired local area network. Game-related data and PlayStation Store purchases will then be deleted from the original system, while personal media files like photos and music will simply be copied.