Evening Reading: Weekend Confirmed

Not really sure where the confusion started but to clear it up once and for all; yes, this is the Evening Reading post. And here we are at the end of another week the biggest news of which was the excessive use of the word "javelin" in non-Olympic sport related stories. I have to admit I've never gotten the extreme to which griefing and glitching grows in game communities. Sure, there's the whole hahaha, wasn't that funny of it but the number of people who seriously get off on screwing up games makes me wonder what the hell.

I think part of the phenomenon comes not from anything to do with the game but the sense of power derived from breaking the rules to put yourself in charge. It is just a game after all so the consequences are what? Nothing really. That unhooks the usual restraints and it's hard to really reestablish them in a virtual world to put things back in balance. Server tools definitely go a long way in cases where you get admins who care enough to manage things by hand. But for the vast majority of open servers across PCs and consoles the hope lies with designers finding a solution to a better self-policing community.

Here's the rest of what we were up to today:

After her high-profile trial that included all kinds of accusations, American student Amanda Knox found guilty of murdering her roommate in Italy

British professional tennis player Andy Murray got dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend Kim Sears for his seven-hour-a-day PS3 habit

Okay, so the Hollywood Reporter broke down the ten most watched shows (individual episodes) since 2000. No surprise to see Friends there at the top but Joe Millionaire in thrid?

As long as we're chronicling the decade we might as well take a look at the evolution of the hipster

And since it's Friday I figure this is the perfect time for a NSFW link so hey, if you have a snugie, check out the snuggiesutra for some creative ways to put it to good use

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