Dante's Inferno Demo Brings 'Gates of Hell' to PS3 Next Week, Xbox 360 on Christmas Eve

By Chris Faylor, Dec 01, 2009 11:00am PST The promised downloadable demo for hellish beat 'em up Dante's Inferno will hit the PlayStation 3's online PlayStation Store on December 10 and the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Marketplace come December 24, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed today.

The "Gates of Hell" demo packs the "entire opening level," with Electronic Arts noting that it "serves as a prelude to the player's perilous journey to the inner bowels of hell" and "gives gamers a taste of the terrifying odyssey to come in the Nine Circles of Hell."

Developed by Dead Space and The Simpsons Game veterans Visceral Games (formerly EA Redwood Shores), the re-imagining of Dante Alighieri's fourteenth century poem hits North American shops in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP form on February 9.

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