DiRT 2 PC Demo Released, Packs Benchmark

Codemasters has released a two-track PC demo for its DirectX 11-enabled racer DiRT 2, now available for your racing pleasure in a 1.32GB download from FileShack.


On offer are a Moroccan point-to-point event in the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and an eight-trophy truck race around the Ensenada Port circuit in Baja California. A benchmarking mode is included for you to test your PC's mettle, or you can check out the system requirements if you're concerned your computer might not even make it that far.

DiRT 2 was originally land on PC today in the US, having been delayed from launching alongside the September 8 console release. It now seems the racer will not hit the US until December 8 but will still come to the UK--and Steam--on December 4.

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