Duke Nukem 'D-Day' Teased with Screenshot

By Alice O'Connor and Chris Faylor, Nov 30, 2009 5:43am PST Duke Nukem's official Facebook page has been updated with a screenshot for something called "D-Day," with the action hero himself teasing that he "doesn't stay down for long."

It remains to be seen exactly what D-Day is, whether it be a a new game, the build-up to an announcement or revelation, or something else entirely. The stadium and enemy might seem familiar from the Duke Nukem Forever footage leaked in May, though those were callbacks to Duke's earlier adventures.

Series creator and Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms closed its offices and laid off a majority of staff earlier this year, though the company affirms it is still working on the legally-troubled shooter. Borderlands and Brothers in Arms veteran Gearbox was working on a separate game dubbed 'Duke Begins,' though that project is said to have been postponed. And recently, rumors have surfaced of Sunstorm Interactive's 2002 side-scroller Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Meanwhile, a new trilogy of portable Duke Nukem titles is in the works at Frontline Studios. The first, Critical Mass, was expected this fall but, in true Duke tradition, seems to have slipped into 2010.

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  • there's a lot of anger here. gb3dr once told me when i was bitching about some shooters years ago in their forums, that i'm maybe just tired of gaming.
    So guys, maybe you are just tired of gaming too.
    Maybe you need to go out a bit and do some different things and when you come back, you will see that this is a exciting time right now. We've got lots of unbelievable great games in the shelves to play. If duke makes an appearance somewhere in the near future, this would be awesome.
    Yes, 3drealms might have fucked up their company by going down the wrong road too many times, but that's the business view and i know who would have bitched most about a bad duke game. YOU GUYS.
    I'm the gamer and don't work / ever worked there. I loved the studio for their great games and I wish Scott and George (and everybody who secretly works for 3dr atm) all the best. I never met those two guys in person, but from the games they created and from the interviews and forum posts i've seen, they are great guys and they obviously don't deserve how some kids bitch about them. They wanted to deliver a great game, but they needed funds in a time where the crisis was hitting the industry hard. So what? Are they now the badguys?
    Seriously get your own shit together. People lost their jobs there - if they are angry, ok - but hey, you maybe wasted some time on a forum where you could have spent that time playing flashminigames. Yeah, we waited about 12 years for that game. So what? it was our decision to do so. I don't miss one second of that time spent waiting for that game. I met some great people in a incredible nice fanbase.
    Sorry, for this post and my fucked up english - i *might* have outed me right now as a fanboy, but if some people understand this, i've got no problem with that.

    -rams/ zwieback

  • 3DR either need to shut the fuck up, or start releasing PROPER press packs. You know, say what they're working on, give some decent screenshots that are larger than a thimble, and stop being such secretive assholes about it.

    As it stands, 3DR are the 'that guy' of the games development world. You know, that guy that says he has a pre-release copy of some popular upcoming game but for some reason whenever you ask to see it he lent it to his cousin just the other day. And his computer is in the shop. And he has to fall out of public view because the FBI headhunted him. Y'know, that guy.

    They don't owe anyone anything, but if they have any semblance of respect for their fans, they really should cut the shit.

  • Here's the thing:

    If this is a DNF teaser then I'm having a hard time figuring out what the announcement is.

    Do they have a ship date for DNF? If so then how can they since the game wasn't finished and the dev team was fired? If it was nearly finished then what was taking so long?

    Are they going to announce it's coming soon? Yeah - it's not like we haven't heard that before.

    Could it be an announcement of the lawsuits being resolved, the funding has returned, and the hiring has commenced? Great - so while you go find a bunch of people to work on it and get them up to speed (since the odds are a number of the people you've fired have been hired elsewhere by now) it will take even more years to get done.

    The only thing I can think of, DNF-related, which would make any sense is that they've teamed up with some other studio, like Gearbox, to polish off the last of it and get it out the door.