Crackdown 2 Contest: Get Your Grafitti In-Game

BOOM widget 89064 Asking gamers to help make their mark in Crackdown 2, developer Ruffian has opened a contest that will ultimately see some user-created artwork appear in the game.

"We thought we'd ask you to do our work for us," explains Ruffian. "Send us your graffiti masterpieces and if we think they're ace then we'll put them in Crackdown 2 AND put your name up in lights in the game's credits."

An Xbox 360 exclusive, the sequel to Realtime World's 2007 action game is due out at some point in 2010. For contest entry details and rules, simply read on:

Contest Rules
  • All graffiti art must be submitted by Wednesday, Dec. 9 to be considered
  • All submissions must be original work
  • Keep it clean and tasteful. Offensive material will not be considered
  • Submission format: 1024 x 1024 images. Any format will be accepted, but PNG is preferred
  • All submissions must be sent to compo@gazaxian.com.