Resident Evil 5 DLC Not Planned for PC

Capcom has "no plans for PC at this point" for the recently-announced Resident Evil 5 downloadable content or DLC-bundling 'Gold Edition,' a representative has told G4tv.


Scheduled for release on March 9, the Gold Edition of Capcom's action horror includes a prequel mission, a new episode and two costume packs--all of which will receive seperate releases as downloadable content. The Xbox 360's Gold Edition contains a download code for new content, while the PlayStation 3 version packs it onto a disc.

However, it would not be uncharacteristic for Capcom to release a PC edition later. Street Fighter 4 arrived on PC five months after its console release, as did Devil May Cry 4, and Resident Evil 5 was not announced for PC until two months after it hit consoles.