Bayonetta 'Revelations 2' Developer Diary is Sadistic and Witchy

In this new developer diary for Bayonetta, director Hideki Kamiya shares some more details about the hair-clad anti-heroine's over-the-top special moves called 'Torture Attacks,' and how they relate to her troubled past. According to Kamiya, the Torture Attacks are representative of the specific cruelties Bayonetta was subjected to as the sole survivor of a brutal witch hunt.

"The demons she summons symbolize her evil spirit in an extreme way," Kamiya explains. The trailer's most extreme example comes in the form of a gigantic demon Bayonetta can summon to nosh her enemies like handfulls of bloody Doritos. Crunch all you want...

Bayonetta comes out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on January 5th, and releases in Europe on January 8th.

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