Resident Evil 5 DLC Dated, Gold Edition Announced

Having previously announced an expanded edition of Resident Evil 5 for Japan and vowed to release the new content in downloadable form for current owners, Capcom today issued a release schedule and screenshots of the forthcoming expansions. nope

Along with the previously detailed "Lost in Nightmares" prequel mission, a second new episode will be released, as will new constumes and a new "Mercenaries Reunion" mode that packs "8 new playable characters and weapon load outs."

  • "Lost in Nightmares" Episode: 2/17/10 (Xbox 360), 2/18/10 (PlayStation 3)
  • Costume Pack 1: 2/17/10 (Xbox 360), 2/18/10 (PlayStation 3)

  • Episode 2 (Title TBA): 3/3/10 (Xbox 360), 3/4/10 (PlayStation 3)
  • Costume Pack 2: 3/3/10 (Xbox 360), 3/4/10 (PlayStation 3)

Each piece of downloadable content will also include two of the new playable characters for the expanded Mercenaries Reunion mode.

Pricing was not confirmed by Capcom in today's announcement, though andriasang reports, via Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, that each episode will run 400 Microsoft Points ($5) with the Costume Packs selling for 160 Microsoft Points ($2).

In addition, Capcom plans to release a "Gold Edition" of Resident Evil 5 that bundles the original game with the new content. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is due in North American shops March 9 at $49.99. The PlayStation 3 version will pack all the content on a Blu-ray disc, while the Xbox 360 version will include tokens for the DLC.

No mention was made of bringing the new content or Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition to PC, though some of the new costumes actually debuted in the belated PC release.