StarCraft 2 Screenshots Unleash the Swarm

Blizzard has released new StarCraft 2 screenshots showing gorgeous in-engine cinematics from the PC real-time strategy sequel as well as regular gameplay.

Many of the gameplay features show early campaign mission 'The Evacuation of Agria,' where players defend colonists fleeing a Zerg invasion. A feature on the StarCraft 2 website explains the evolution of the mission and the principles behind it.


Blizzard also shines the spotlight on multiplayer, with overviews of two 1v1 maps and a Q&A session covering the design process and impact of new units and features.

The PC real-time strategy sequel is scheduled to arrive on PC in the first half of 2010. A multiplayer beta was planned to launch this year, with Blizzard recently telling Shacknews "we're working hard to release the beta as soon as it's ready."