Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Gameplay Trailer Mans the Guns, Snipes, 'Splodes

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 19, 2009 8:10am PST Eighty-eight seconds of uncut Battlefield: Bad Company 2 footage are on display in a new trailer from DICE featuring tanks, sniping and a spot of explosive demolition.

The action occurs on the map 'Arica Habor', the sole level in the multiplayer beta which begins today for PlayStation 3 pre-orders then in December for all and sundry on PC.

Published by EA, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 arrives for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 2. Pre-ordering also nets you a "day one advantage" through six multiplayer item unlocks. A multiplayer demo is planned, presumably arriving before the release.

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  • I have a couple issues of concern.

    1. based on the video it seems like bf:bc2 has a lot of wrong weapon animations. For example, the bolt action sniper rifle - you don't normally give up your cheek weld on the gun when working a bolt.

    2. What will the anti-cheat for this game be? Hopefully not punk buster, because that is a pretty bad one. In 2142, the servers were riddled with cheats and exploits. There was a long period of time where a commander could call in orbital strikes every 3 seconds. It took a really long time for a patch to that issue. How can we be assured that EA and Dice will improve on their track record?

  • Holly shit, this game is EPIC (no video from this game never stops to make me go "Holy shit thats rad").

    I really think this takes FPS to a new lvl, it just looks so organic freeking hot. I am sure this will be a dream on the pc in DX11 and all the other trimmings.

    No one take offense to my next statement (I do love Modern Warfare 2 its an excellent game).

    I truly believe (hope I am right, I am just speculating) from what I have scene and read, I believe that this will level MW2, just like its destructible environments, you heard it here first, my current thoughts are this game will be the FPS to set the new standards in all areas.