Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Titles Hitting WiiWare

The first three games in the comic legal procedural GBA series Ace Attorney will arrive on Wii next year as downloadable WiiWare titles, developer Capcom announced today.

Motion controls will ratchet the courtroom tension up a notch, presenting evidence with a wave of the Wiimote and accusatory wiggling to press witness withholding information.


First out is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Episode 1 through 4) in January, followed by Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All in March then Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations in May--costing 1000 Wii Points ($10) apiece. The fifth episode of Ace Attorney added in the DS re-release will also arrive in May, for 100 Wii Points ($1).

Capcom reports that the judicial series has sold over 3.7 million units worldwide. The latest entry Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is slated to hit Nintendo DS on February 16, 2010, placing players in the prosecution's Oxfords for the first time.