Star Trek Online Trailers Detail Space Combat

By Chris Faylor, Nov 17, 2009 5:57pm PST Going where no man has gone before, developer Cryptic has warped in with two Star Trek Online trailers, providing a space combat overview and an action-packed montage.

Currently in closed beta and featuring a variety of shapes, the PC MMO is slated to launch the first week of February 2010. For the second video, look below:

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  • Question: wouldn't these mentions of dps and tanking just mean that some ships are good for this and some ships are good for that, but not in the sense of "have to, dammit!"
    As in Eve Online. Some hips have high Armor, fantastic shields, one shoddy railgun. Ah, so this one works for soaking up fire... Another ship is bristling weapons but crumbles when someone pokes it?
    So you'd outfit your ships for this or that?
    Anyway. Healing ship skill: "Technobabble - Sprout random nonsense at target ship to provide the idea that the crumbling spacewreck is still fine"