3D Dot Game Heroes Hitting North America in May

Blocky PlayStation 3-exclusive action-RPG 3D Dot Game Heroes will arrive in North America on May 11, 2010 at $39.99, publisher Atlus announced today. nope Silicon Studio and From Software's retro-inspired love-letter to the games of old hit Japan earlier this month, with Sony recently confirming a North American release. At the time, however, domestic release and publishing details were not known.

"3D Dot Game Heroes captures all of that legendary charm and more, bringing classic visuals, familiar sounds, and a grand sense of exploration and discovery into stunning next-gen realization, all the while giving countless winks and nudges to the fans those iconic games mean the most to," said Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari, with the press release adding that Atlus "has licensed the rights to your childhood memories."