Official Super Street Fighter 4 Blog Unveils a Host of Improvements

The official Japanese SSF4 developer blog sheds a light on how the game is coming along so far, and provides some fresh details about the game's new network modes.

Translated to English on EventHubs.com, the blog explains how the team is pushing to include several new features meant to further blur the line between a couch-based experience, and crowding around an arcade cabinet.


For starters, all SSF4 multiplayer game lobbies will allow up to 8 voice-chatting spectators. Those with attention deficit issues can use the Fight Request feature while waiting for a Team Battle to throw down against a random opponent before the official match starts. Furthermore, the host of a Private Team Match can assign players to specific teams or have the assignments handled automatically.

The addition of Battle Points adds some granularity to the previous player-ranking system. You can easily assess your performance by fighter, and can try out less familiar characters without having to worry about damaging your overall rank. Player Points still reflect a player's overall ranking, and Battle Points are basically the character-specific version of Player Points. Winning three ranked matches in a row gives you the option to upload a replay of the fight to an online "Replay Channel," in addition to the usual bragging rights.

Other notable improvements include hidden character selection, commenting in game lobbies using pre-scripted messages, and a non-ranked mode called Endless Battle that lets you "just have fun and hone your skills with everyone."

Super Street Fighter 4 is due in Spring of 2010 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out our prior SSF4 coverage here.