Torchlight Editor Released

Torchlight players eager to get their modding mitts on Runic's fine action RPG can now rejoice, as its editor 'TorchED' is now available in a 384MB download on FileShack.


"The mod tools are what we use to create all the assets in the game," Runic's Peter Hu told us in a recent interview. "You can obviously create levels, create quests. There's a visual scripting system, so you can create a lot of trigger points. You can create items, or your own skills. You can adjust AIs, create monsters. If you have 3D Studio Max experience, you can add in animations. You can modify textures. Whatever you want."

Runic offers up a useful "Top 10 Helpful Tips for TorchED" list and directs those seeking finished mods to Original Runic Games Fansite and Torchlight Insider. The cream of the mod crop will, of course, also be featured on FileShack.