Grand Theft Auto 4 DLC Coming to PC?

A new Grand Theft Auto 4 patch released for PC today, which GTAForums.com users report silently adds support for achievements from 'The Lost And Damned,' the downloadable content which has so far been exclusive to the Xbox 360 version.

The six Games for Windows Live achievements reportedly arriving in this latest patch correspond to the Xbox Live achievements added by The Lost and Damned, which hit Xbox 360 in February with a tale of Liberty City motorcycle gang The Lost.


Microsoft paid Rockstar $50 million in 2007 for exclusivity on two DLC packs, and declared its Xbox 360 "the only console where you can get the complete Grand Theft Auto IV experience" at a time when the PC version had yet to be announced.

Shacknews has contacted Rockstar for comment. The 98MB patch can be downloaded from FileShack, with its list of changes following below.

  • Convert all region SKU's into the same SKU.
  • Include support for all languages within single exe.
  • Allow controls to be double mapped on keyboard.
  • Added option in controls menu to disable mouse controls in helicopters.
  • Adjust keyboard control sensitivity in hood cam view in vehicles.
  • Security Updates to deter cheating in multiplayer.
  • Hosts can now immediately Kick users from their games in Lobby and in game via Cell phone without having to rely on peer voting.
  • Fixed a bug in Cops 'n Crooks mode where Host would drop out and prevent remaining players from leaving game.