Evening Reading: The Times They Are A Changin

It's not going to happen overnight but do you suppose one day EA could be a social and casual games company that also does some "real" videogames on the side? It's not as far-fetched as it sounds. As their moves today illustrate, they're serious about making the company successful in the here and now. They're like a football team building for this season. But if that's the case are they also mortgaging the future? Impossible to say today. I hope they can continue to foster the next Dragon Ages and Dead Spaces in their smaller slate of titles.

If you've been wanting in on the Heroes of Newerth beta we got another 300 keys from S2 games! Here's the rest of what's been going on:

So, what else...well, Rolling Stone joined the blogs reporting that Steven Tyler may have quit Aerosmith.

There's a handy article on some good wines to be had at a bargain price right now. I can personally vouch for the 2008 Castle Rock Central Coast Pinot Noir.

And then there's this guy.

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