FIFA 10 EA's Best European Launch Ever

Electronic Arts' Q2 earnings report reveals that FIFA 10 became their strongest selling launch title in European history, selling 4.5 million units in its first week and achieving a Metacritic ranking of 91. The report further states that EA currently has seventeen released titles this calendar year that have achieved a rank of "80 or above," including NHL 10, The Beatles: Rock Band, Battlefield 1943, NCAA Football 10, Dead Space: Extraction, and Need for Speed SHIFT.

The report also provides some other insight about EA's top performing games for the financial quarter, while simultaneously demonstrating continued a reliance on Metacritic's review aggregation metrics for assessing titles' performance. It's interesting to still see so much stock being placed in Metacritic as an assessment tool, since we've already seen it have some questionable effects on both developers and publishers.

The report touts EA as the number one publisher for Europe and North America, releasing four of the top ten games for the quarter in both regions, with Madden NFL 10 garnering the number one position in North America.