Warhammer Online Unveils 'Unlimited' Free Trial

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 06, 2009 9:41am PST Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment has introduced an unlimited free trial for its fantasy MMORPG to replace the previous ten-day trial introduced in March.

Characters on trial accounts will be restricted by a level cap of ten and confined to two 'Empire vs. Chaos' zones--Nordland and Norsca--plus three instanced PvP scenarios and one dungeon, though they can of course play them for as long as they please.

Mythic recently merged into a "RPG/MMO studio group" with fellow EA subsidiary and Mass Effect developer BioWare. Mark Jacobs, co-founder and general manager of Mythic as well as lead designer on Warhammer Online, departed in the shuffle.

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  • I wish they had just waited 1 more year before releasing this game. It would have been polished enough to hang with WoW instead of the really buggy bad performing game that got released. Also I wish they would have used a different engine. It was so damn annoying to get stuck on every boulder, bush or fence. And the game performance was horrible in large battles with all the graphics turn on.

    They nailed it with the game concept but failed technically to deliver a product that could compete with the polished WOTLK release 1 month later and the recent release of AION drove it into the grave. I know I have dropped my WAR sub twice now. I love the gameplay I just hate all the annoying buggy crap and over all lack of polish.