Evening Reading: Zombies Seven Years in the Making

A friend sent me an email about a UT2004 mod titled Out of Hell that came out a couple days back. UT2004? Really? I read a little more and he tells me that the whole thing was done by this one guy working on it for the past seven years. By that point I was like, okay, whatever. But there was a trailer so I checked it out. Glad I did. It's an impressive piece of work. We got it up on FileShack so if you're into that sorta thing go get it and have at: Out of Hell 2009 mod on FileShack

Someone asked in one of the recent threads about what happened to the reading part of Evening Reading. Uh...well, in the wake of Nick's departure I just dropped the ball. So without further ado it returns:

And now off to enjoy the rest of Wednesday evening!

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