Gratuitous Space Battles Demo Released

By Alice O'Connor, Nov 04, 2009 7:20am PST Now available on FileShack is a 46MB demo for Gratuitous Space Battles, Positech's space fleet warfare simulator designed to thrill your inner space strategist.

Fleet lords do not directly control units, rather they design ships from a wide range of components, arrange formations and define behaviour then observe the ensuing gratuitous battles with enemy fleets--including armadas designed by other players.

Gratuitous Space Battles is now available for download from GamersGate and direct from Positech for $23, while a small sale at Impulse brings it down to $20.

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  • Wow... this game is extremely addicting. I have been playing the last four hours non-stop. It's my bedtime already! Each battle is so deep, thanks to all the different weapon effectiveness regarding shields, armor, defence systems etc. No one ship is a jack of all trades. I have frigates, cruisers and fighters for all different roles. SO much fun! I spent about 30-45 minutes watching battles, and the remainder of the four hours designing ships, reading statistics and trying to improve my ships. Learning the balance during ship design is awesome too! Weight, power and crew requirements make it a constant balancing act.

    TIP: ditch armor, shields are far superior (so far) :)

  • My concern with the demo is that it wouldn't give you a big picture of the game. (ie a demo that sucks at demo-ing)

    So I played it and I can totally recommend the demo at least. Shit does indeed blow up, but something I didn't expect at all was the writing. There's tons of good flavor text all over the place, although its all fairly silly but you know, it's a game called Gratuitous Space Battles, not Serious & Boring Space Battles.

    It's essentially what should have been Master of Orion 3's battle mode. You can tell each ship what to prioritize in terms of targets, and there are just 3 scales of ships, fighters, frigates (mid-size semi-expendable) and cruisers ie capital ships, so it's not tough to Ctrl-select all fighter screening frigates and turn their anti-fighter preference up to 100% or whatever.

    It seems like there's lots of nuance to all the ship design stuff... well, there better be because that's pretty much the entire game. But it seems well done.

    Oh, and there are post battle reports! This is more important than it sounds, because you can see what ships were the most/least effective... so if you see a "0 shots landed score", then you know you have a turd of a ship, and not just because it died early.

    I'm not totally sure about the $20 price tag,but then again, how many terrible terrible games have we paid $50/$60 for? Hopefully the developer finds the game successful enough to do some expansions or post-release support. I'll probably pick it up after the crazy holiday rush settles down.