Brutal Legend DLC Video Complete with Tim Schafer Commentary

When we covered the announcement of the first planned DLC for Brutal Legend developer Double Fine's president Tim Schafer said that he needed more maps to feed his nightly gaming habit. With the release on tap this week a video came out today of the new map that let him put his skills on display. Okay, not exactly. But he does call the action between Kee Chi and Brad Muir from the team as they battle it out on Death's Fjord.

BOOM video 2853

In an interesting turn, the map comes out first this Wed (11/3) on Live where it will set 360 gamers back 400 MS Points. PS3 players will have to wait until Fri (11/5) for the download but get to grab it for two weeks for free. After Nov. 19 it returns to its regular price of $4.99 on the PlayStation Network.